Be an Online Tutor with Tutorially Part 2

Be an Online Tutor with Tutorially Part 2


Welcome back! In Part 1 we learned about the start of the journey toward becoming an online tutor. We talked about the advantages Tutorially™ can bring to a modern online tuition business, and promised that Part 2 would provide more detail on what it is like to online tutor with Tutorially™ - what the process actually looks like, as well as how we can help you to attract and secure more students to grow your business!


And with that, onward, to Part 2.


How To Tutor Online with Tutorially™


As we learned in Part 1, Tutorially™ can greatly simplify the running of an online tuition business, offering everything you need to deliver a high-quality tuition service to your students, including:


  • A webpage to showcase your business, with student leads from all major search engines to bring you customers!

  • A tutor directory, searchable by registered students by subject and location.

  • Video lessons! Do not be limited by your location or spend valuable time and money travelling!

  • Schedule management to maximise your income.

  • Online payment facility.

  • Automated reminders for lessons and invoices to improve payments.

  • Accounts overview, giving you and your accountant an easy way to track your income, tax obligations and expenses.

  • Comprehensive student management to track all aspects of the education journey.

  • Integrated messaging.

  • Parental updates – ensuring everyone is up to date.


So Tutorially™ provides a platform for students to find you, a simple means for you to schedule lessons and track students, automatic reminders to maximise income, an online payment facility and accountancy data. All features are available for FREE for tutors just starting out, with tiers designed to support you as your business grows. Online tutors have told us that Tutorially™ saves them double-digit hours per month, representing several hundred pounds-worth of billable time saved!


Completing a Lesson with Tutorially™


Tutorially™ has all the tools required for online tutoring, which facilitates the 'one-to-one', or the 'one-to-many' tutoring session for individual lessons or group classes.


  • Schedule an online lesson with your student(s).

  • Start a face-to-face video lesson.

  • Speak to each other with high-quality video and excellent sound.

  • Text chat via instant messaging if necessary.

  • Upload and share files.

  • Track progress.

  • Keep parents updated, if appropriate.

  • Access the session from all devices.

  • With all interactions audited.

  • Collect payments electronically.

  • Track payment history and issue payment reminders as required.

  • Repeat next week!

Tutorially™ is FREE for tutors for up to 5-students, with monthly subscriptions to provide exactly the right level of service to support your business as it grows.


How To Attract More Students


Once you have completed your Tutorially™ online tutor profile, have completed some online lessons and have hopefully gathered some good reviews of your service, your FREE profile page will start working for you! With a clean and clear design, good quality information and fully indexed Google search, students searching for a tutor of a subject you specialise in can find you. Tutorially™ also has a registered students group, giving them the inside track! There are several things you can do to make the most of your Tutorially™ profile:


  • Update your profile. Then, consider what your potential students want to hear from you as an online tutor. Include news and articles in your profile so students can find out more about you, making them more likely to get in touch.

  • Ask your students to give you ratings and reviews. Tutorially’s built-in ratings and reviews are displayed on your profile. Simply ask your students to provide feedback after your session. The better your reviews, and the more you have, the better your chances of success!

  • Availability is key. Tutorially™ displays online tutor availability to students – you set your working hours as you wish, and your calendar is displayed for students to review (without any sensitive information of course). Students can then see at a glance whether your diaries fit.

  • Always respond to the session requests quickly. Whenever you receive messages from students, you are being judged on your responsiveness. Obviously, do not interrupt lessons with responding to students, but do so as soon as you are able. Tutorially™ has integrated instant messaging, as well as displaying all your contact information (if you select the option to), maximising communication.


So as you can see, Tutorially™ gives you all the tools to become a successful online tutor. We also give you the tools to attract more students and build a successful business, as well as automating the administrative elements of an online tuition business so you can focus on teaching! Hopefully, we've built on the material offered in Part 1 and fully explained how to become a better online tutor with Tutorially™, and you can contact us with any online tutoring questions via the website!


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