The two things you MUST focus on to get more students

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  • Posted on Jun 15, 2018 at 10:19 am

The two things you MUST focus on to get more students


Unless you’re already working to capacity as a tutor, chances are you’d like more students. If you are an already fully-booked private tutor perhaps it’s time to become a fully-fledged tuition business, hire another tutor, and go get more students! Either way, the advantages don’t really need much spelling out – more students means more income (ideally), or at the very least a wider customer base that can better weather any financial storms that may lie ahead.


You may have seen other guides to getting more students out there, but here at Tutorially™ we’re big believers in keeping it simple, and with that in mind there are actually only two things you need to focus on to ensure you attract more students to your tuition business! And the best news? Tutorially™, the best app for private tutors, can help you with both of them!


Be the best tutor you can be


We thought we’d start with the easy one, because you’re already out there killing it, right? Making sure you give your existing customers all you’ve got is a great strategy because nothing sells a service like word of mouth.


Start with the basics – consistent lesson scheduling, keeping your commitments and being flexible in the delivery of your service by teaching from your base location, tutoring students in their homes and offering online tutoring, which is proving very popular with tutors and students alike! An easy tutor scheduling tool, like Tutorially™, can help by:


  1. Offering customisable tutor profile pages, indexed by Google. Making it easy for students to find you.

  2. Publishing availability, making it easy for students to find a mutually convenient time for lessons.

  3. Listing contact details, making it easy for students to contact you.

  4. Offering easy to manage block lesson booking, establishing a routine and allowing you to easily create incentives for students to book more lessons – perhaps a discount for a ten-lesson package, for example.


Once lessons are scheduled, a quality tutor software package can help you keep track of student progress as well as issuing invoices, processing and tracking payments and sending reminders automatically to parents and students to improve attendance. All this enables you to provide a professional tuition service, focussing on teaching and leaving the business side of things to Tutorially™.


Spread the Word!


With the help of Tutorially’s quality tutor management software, you’re delivering the best quality tuition because you can devote all your time to doing what you’re best at - teaching. But the advantages of online tutoring software don’t stop when the lessons are complete. In these days of social media, you may have heard of ‘social proof’ – basically any sort of testimonial, review or endorsement of your skills as a tutor. As we’ve said above, nothing sells a service like a referenceable and verifiable endorsement of your tuition service. Once again, Tutorially’s industry-leading online tutoring software gives you everything you need.


Recommendations and reviews – all too often tutors find it difficult to ask students for recommendations, but you can let tutoring software handle it all for you. Tutorially™ has an integrated recommendation and review system, where registered students can give you a star-rating as well as providing a testimonial that is automatically listed on your tutor profile. The best advertising there is! Demonstrate your progress with other learners to parents and prospective students.


And where better to take advantage of social proof than social media? Use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and all the others you know and love to spread the word about your business using world-class tutor management software. Link your tutor profile and use the same images throughout to create a consistent brand your students can identify with. Reviews can be publicised from Tutorially™ to any other platform you can think of! If you’re more old-school in your advertising, you can use material from your Tutorially™ profile in printed advertising material – flyers, posters, notices in stores, business cards and so on. Make sure to include your tutoring profile Internet address, giving students the ability to connect with you for lessons immediately!


Many of the guides you have probably read on finding more students for your tutoring business will focus on a website, and while that is fantastic advice, Tutorially™ can give you some great short-cuts. Whether you choose to use your tutor profile right off the site or redirect your own custom domain name to it, Tutorially™ has you covered. We can even register and host your domain for you* and hook everything up seamlessly for a polished and professional web presence. Many tutors looking to get more students by building a website focus on design, believing visuals to be the main selling point. The single most important aspect of a successful website, however, is not the design. It is the ability for customers to find you, achieved by search engine optimisation, or SEO. This is an art in itself, and it can be extremely expensive to get results with Google, Bing, Yahoo and similar. Again, Tutorially™ can help. We have already invested in optimising our sites and services, and continue to invest heavily to ensure we rank well in tuition related searches… which is how you found this page! By creating a custom tutor profile on an already-successful Internet site, you can take advantage of our established position in search – putting you ahead of your tuition competition!


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