Tutorially Updates May 18

Tutorially Updates May 18

Tutorially™ Updates – May


We’ve been a busy bunch at Tutorially™ HQ over the last month, making the World’s best tuition software even better!


New in May


Some of the improved components launched in May are:


  • Simplified User Registration

  • Updated Help Content

  • Awesome new Tutor Profile Pages and Tutor Profile Pictures
  • Updates to Payment tracking

  • Electronic Payments live

  • Messaging system improved

  • Google Integration

  • Updates to Privacy Policy

  • A move to faster and more resilient servers, still all in the UK


As well as dozens of smaller improvements to pretty much everything in the system – making it all faster, smoother, more responsive and more helpful to a busy tutor who wants to focus on the day job! With many tuition management systems available worldwide, we want you to know that we value our customers, and strive to deliver the very best tutor software we possibly can. Tutorially™ was developed by tutors, making it a proven solution for YOUR business. We pride ourselves in offering all the functionality of other systems, adding more and charging less. And as you can see we’re growing all the time!


What makes Tutorially™ the Best Tuition Software available?


These are some of the features we offer that our ‘competition’ do not, making us the number 1 tutor system:


  • Simple pricing

  • Unlimited students

  • Unlimited storage

  • Set individual attendance for group lessons

  • Automated reminder service for lessons – text and email

  • Custom mobile-friendly and Google indexed tutor pages

  • We help you to find Students!

  • Lesson notes for students and parents

  • Auto charge for lessons on booking

  • Student and teacher profile pictures

  • Simple lesson notes and attachment exchange

  • Multi-teacher support

  • Bespoke secure messaging system

  • Integrated Video Lessons for no additional fee!


We try to play nice, but the reality is they’re just not as good! And at the same time as offering less, they charge more!


The Proof


Don’t take our word for it though – since launch, we have had only one (one!) user leave us owing to a lack of support for the local currency. Even that is on the current development list and will be resolved within the month! All customer requests are evaluated by our team for inclusion in the next Tutorially™ version, and all new features are offered to existing customers free of charge.


We are committed to building the best system in the world and gathering satisfied customers as a result. Tutorially is an award-winning tuition system have recently won an Education Software Innovation Award, as well as featuring on Product Hunt, TES, Metro, Capterra and more!




Some recent testimonials from satisfied customers:


John Evans

“I can easily manage all of my music lessons in one place, with students booking themselves in. Tutorially creates my timetable. Not only this I can manage all of my payments.”


Samantha James

“As a self-employed teacher, I needed something to manage all of my students and create my own schedule for the week - now I have it. Very Simple to use, and a complete solution for managing my business.”


Karl Langston

“My tutoring life is so easy now. No more book keeping, No more payments missed and all my student’s information is now stored in one place. Tutorially saves me time and money - Fantastic.”


Emma Durant

“The system is really easy to use. I love the fact I can use one website to organise my tutees as well as their lessons. It is easy to organise your time (the ability to sync to Google calendar makes it easily accessible on my phone), to book lessons with your tutees and to organise payments which can easily be tracked.”


So what are you waiting for? Save time and money by joining the tuition revolution with Tutorially™ - Sign Up totally FREE! See for yourself how the system can benefit your business, as it has many others. You can keep up with the latest Tutorially™ news by following us on Twitter, and liking us on Facebook.