Tutorially v2 Coming Soon

Tutorially v2 Coming Soon

2020 has been a crazy year for tutors and their students, and we've wanted to support all our users as much as we can during these unprecedented times. Mindful of the economic impact, we took the decision early on in the global pandemic to waive all fees associated with our software and make it completely FREE for everyone.


When we started that initiative, we thought it would be a temporary measure to help people over a bump in the road - tutors with potentially reduced incomes would have reduced costs, and more customers would join without extra bills to pay, enabling them to teach remotely. Students then benefit from having access to their tutors, despite difficult circumstances.


Tutorially Reborn!


The turn of the year will see a revamp for Tutorially! The success of Tutorially in 2020 has made us focus on our mission rather than our profits. We want to enable tutors and students to thrive, so we have decided to remain free moving forward! No more monthly fees. Ever.


Free? What's the Catch???


No such thing as a free lunch they say, but in this case they're wrong. We don't want your money. We intend to carry unobtrusive ads of the type you'll see all over the Internet to help us cover our costs, but they'll be in the footer of pages and will hopefully be relevant to you. We're not going to pop them up all over the place or have them get in the way.


If you want to click one every now and again to help us pay the costs associated with running the platform, that would be great... but you're under no obligation. You can just ignore the ads and get on with your day, that's cool with us.


The more things change


Tutorially v2 will be cleaner and simpler, and we're intending it to be so user-friendly you'll find the update easy to adjust to. Our parent company, Ortera, are famed for their 'clean and crispy' design... keeping things super simple! 


Your user information will be copied across automatically and you'll be able to log in with your existing details. The website and app will remain in the same places, and most of the functionality remains - we're removing the elements that are over-complicated and that our analytics shows are not as well-loved as the rest.


If you're concerned about any particular piece of function, please contact us and we can let you know what's on the roadmap for the future. We look forward to seeing you on v2 soon!


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