About Tutorially Internet Courses

Is the booking system easy to use?

The system uses a highly comprehensive calendar, that allows the breakdown between daily, weekly and monthly to show your online lessons schedule. You can book lessons and check availability to suit your timetable.

How do the lessons work?

The lessons are supplied online via video training. Video calling is enabled so the tutor and student can have a 1 to 1 conversation for the best delivery of lessons. There is also the option to meet up in person, in an agreed location to facilitate the lesson.

What will I learn?

You can learn from a whole range of courses at various levels. Tutorially provides a vast range of the best online classes to assist any course a student may wish to take. You can enrol on as many courses as you like to develop your skills.

Delivery & Payments for Online Classes

Will I have to pay anything for my courses?

As a tutor, you pay a subscription, or you sign up for free on a starter account. You can have a maximum of 5 accounts but no video calling access on the free account. If you want video calling to be enabled or have more than 5 students, you can increase your subscription package at a minimal cost.

If you are to go to a tutor’s location, you would pay by cash, if you are having online video you can arrange offsite PayPal transfers, alternatively arrange a cash payment. As a student you pay per lesson, on some occasions your tutor will offer package sets of lessons.

How often can I have my lessons?

You can take part in as many online video classes you wish, providing it fits your timetable and the tutors timetable. As long as there is the availability, your possibilities for increasing your knowledge is endless.

Can I reschedule lessons?

Yes, rescheduling is easy making it personalised to you. If you have other commitments where you cannot make your lesson, you can easily connect the tutor/student to reschedule for a more fitting appointment, to ensure you do not miss the chance to learn online.