Supercharge Your Personal Tutor Business with Tutorially

Supercharge Your Personal Tutor Business with Tutorially

Using an industry standard tuition software system, like Tutorially™ has many advantages. As well as helping to solve many of the headaches personal tutors have with running a successful tuition business, Tutorially™ offers unlimited access to technical support as well as business development advice and high-quality web-presences to help advertise services. Here are some of the reasons why we at Tutorially™ believe that our tuition business management software can transform your working life!


Taking Care of the Admin


Tutorially™ was founded by personal tutors who, just like you, filled many hours every week with scheduling lessons, keeping track of notes, notifying parents, invoicing, chasing payments, organising accounts and all the other jobs that are part of being a personal tutor. Worse yet, the more successful you are as a tutor, the more students you have and the greater the administrative overhead – giving you less time for being a private tutor. With Tutorially™ you can drastically reduce admin and create a smooth-running tutoring business. Students can see your tutor calendar, making lesson booking a breeze. Reminders for lessons and payments to students and/or parents can be sent automatically. Tutor invoices are automatically generated and sent, and payments are processed electronically, although cash payments are great as well! Powerful reporting and all the data your accountant needs can be found within the system in a few clicks. By using Tutorially™ you can be better organised, which will free you to deliver a better service to your students and focus on the personal tutoring you went into business to do.


Improved Accuracy


Nothing undermines confidence in a business like mistakes, and probably even more so in the tuition profession. Administrative errors occupy time and cost money to correct, but a good-quality tuition platform like Tutorially™  can automate common tasks and completely eliminate everyday problems from your business:


  • Publish a tutor calendar and book lessons direct from the Internet – no more double booking.

  • Keep track of student notes, progress and who has borrowed what.

  • Automatically issue invoices and payment reminders.

  • Accept Electronic Payments.

  • Keep Parents updated on time, every time.

  • Send out lesson cancellations with a single click.

  • Reschedule lessons quickly and easily.

  • Track income and make your accountant’s life easy!

  • Reporting suite puts all your tuition data at your fingertips.


There are many more reasons to ditch the paper and pen and embrace Tutorially™, and with everything being automated you can virtually eliminate errors from your business!  By doing that you save time and effort you would have used correcting them, giving you more time for paid tuition work or just more time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. You also no longer risk damaging your reputation as a personal tutor by being anything less than 100% accurate in your business dealings.


More Time


Tutorially™ was created by a busy tutor, business owner and father whose primary need was time. More students mean more income, but the admin work was occupying several hours every month and reducing time to enjoy the spoils of all that hard work. And that is exactly what Tutorially™ is about – it’s like having an assistant without having a person on the payroll!


  • All the admin? Done.

  • Customers kept up to date? Done.

  • Marketing via Profile pages and News? Done.


In short, once you’ve scheduled lessons if you choose electronic payments all that is left for you to do is the teaching. Students can find you via the search engine indexed tutor profiles, and contact you directly. Your contact information is published in line with your preferences, so you can be as available to the world via the Internet as you like!


Any time, Anyplace, Anywhere


One of the best things about Tutorially™  is that its cloud-based, meaning a busy personal tutor on the go like you can access the system from anywhere. – all you need is an Internet connection. You can conduct video lessons via the platform no matter where you are, as well as teaching students wherever they are! Suddenly you’ve gone from teaching students in your town and immediate area to having a global reach! You can also keep track of everything no matter where you are, home or away. You can further improve your work/life balance by being able to fit work in no matter what else you work into your busy schedule, with massive time savings on travel available once your business goes online. The benefits reach beyond you too – imagine a time when you need to employ more staff! Tutorially™  can grow with your business, enabling you to hire sub-tutors and office staff for your private tuition business who can all access the same system no matter where they are! Save money on premises and make yourself more attractive to prospective employees by offering the flexibility everybody expects of employers today! Tutorially™ is an award-winning tuition management software suite for personal tutors, teachers, studios and schools – developed by tutors, for tutors. The UK's Best Tuition Software is used by many schools and independent tuition professionals worldwide and is fast becoming a trusted partner for tech-savvy personal tutors globally. With all the features offered by the big-name ‘competition’, as well as answers to all the problems causing modern tutors pain – check out Tutorially™ today!


So what are you waiting for? Save time and money by joining the tuition revolution with Tutorially™ - Sign Up totally FREE! See for yourself how the system can benefit your business, as it has many others. You can keep up with the latest Tutorially™ news by following us on Twitter, and liking us on Facebook.